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the Ulysses S. Grant Home

A National Historic Landmark in Galena's Historic District

Take a tour of the home of Ulysses S. Grant. The home is open year-round. The tour takes approximately 30 minutes, and tour groups can be up to 16 people.

The home, originally constructed in 1860, was designed in the Italiante style by William Dennison. It features balustraded balconies over cover porches, a low pitched roof, and well-defined rectilinear shapes.

In 1865, when General Grant returned as a war hero to Galena, a group of Galena citizens presented the home to Grant. After Grant's election as President, he only occasionally visted the property, although, it was always maintained by caretakers in anticipation of his return.

In 1904, Grant's descendants donated the house to the City of Galena. Years later, the City gave the house to the State of Illinois.

The The home was restored to it's original 1868 appearance in 1955. It includes furniture used by Grant and his family when they resided ther.

Today, the Ulysses S. Grant Home is a National Historic Landmark, owned by the state of Illinois and manged by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. It it part of the Galena Historic District.

Located on Bouthillier Street, the Ulysses S. Grant Home is just a few minutes from the Lamberson Guest House. When staying in Galena, be sure to make time to visit this important historic landmark.