September is upon us!

So here I go!  Though I’ve been living in this beautiful old home for over a year now, I was not open for business until last December.  A slow start has moved along and now, I’m quite busy.  My friends in town are all telling me to prepare myself for September and October.  It should be a new and exciting time for me.  It all begins with the Ladies Getaway Weekend.  Great fun shopping with pals, specials going on all over town and to top it all off:  Saturday, Sept. 9th at 5:00 pm….Quartermania!!  Shops all over town donate prizes to be auctioned off by a bid of just one quarter.  SO much fun.  Make sure to purchase your tickets here:  Though you can’t tell, I am in the photograph (the one with the #70 in front of her face!






The 50th Annual tour of Historic Homes will take place the weekend of September 23rd-24th.  Last September, I was one of the tour guides and it was such fantastic fun!  If you are a lover of 19th century architecture and history…do NOT miss this.  You can buy your tickets in advance at

This year’s Oktoberfest falls on Saturday, September 30th.  Last year, I can remember working all day sewing drapes, pillows and bedskirts, and thinking:  How fun it would be to take some time off in the park. I went out onto the porch and the accoustics coming up the hill from downtown were great.  We sat in the rockers, poured a glass of wine and listened to the music until guilt got the best of us and we headed back inside to work.  Time was ticking and we needed to get open!  It is a day of music, food and drink, wiener dog races, polka dancing, costumes and the “tapping of the keg”.  You don’t have to be German to enjoy this special celebration!

I’ve so enjoyed the many guests who have stayed here at the Lamberson Guest House.  Make it a point to pay a visit and sit for a spell on the porch overlooking town.  Until next month, relax and enjoy the summer!



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